Sigma Lambda Chapter at Auburn University

Kappa Delta

Our Recruitment

To each potential new member,

My name is Rileigh Eaton and it is my pleasure and privilege to serve as Kappa Delta’s Vice President of Membership. College is a time of transition and as I have grown during my time at Auburn, KD has been right by my side for every hard or joyful step of the way. Each person has shaped me in some form and I will never be able to thank our God enough for giving me these friendships. My prayer for each girl is that as bid day comes and goes, they would be blessed with the same kind of friendships. That they would know they can run to their friends with anything in the world and be shown grace, compassion, and wisdom. That these four years could very well be the best yet, but as senior year comes you cannot wait to start a new chapter of life with those friendships by your side.


Going through recruitment is a great experience that is unique to each person’s story. That is something I truly believe Kappa Delta celebrates – each beautiful and diverse personality – I can confidently say that the women in KD have pushed me to celebrate my real, vulnerable, and raw self, and they love me just the same. My hope is that as you venture through the craziness of recruitment week, you too feel celebrated and at peace in our chapter room. I hope you see that Kappa Delta stands firm in acceptance, compassion, and integrity.


The parties are short and the days seem long but at the end of the week the reward is that you have been placed exactly where The Lord wants you to be. On bid day I opened my envelope and was overwhelmed with comfort and joy that I was going to be part of something so much bigger than myself; that blessing was and continues to be Kappa Delta. Each potential new member is in my thoughts and prayers before, during, and after recruitment week. On behalf of my chapter, we cannot wait to meet each and every one of you!


As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:16



VP – Membership

Recruitment Team:

2018 Recruitment Schedule:

August 10: Potential New Member Move-In Day & Afternoon recruitment kickoff- 5:00 pm 

August 11-12: Ice Water Tea's

August 13-14: Philanthropy Days

August 15: Sisterhood Day

August 16: Preference Day

August 17: BID DAY!!


Recruitment Address:

Kappa Delta Willow Hall Box #2 201 Wire Road

Auburn, AL 36849


Bid List 2017

Annie Addison

Andrea Ahmed

Margaret Ann Allen

Tori Bachofer

Mary Marlow Bailey

Jodie Baker

Emily Barber

Allie Beadles

Maggie Boles

Beth Anne Burford

Ashlyn Byrd

Natalie Carr

Rachel Caudle

Anne Catherine Chapman

Emily Christensen

Sarah Christopher

Glenn Church

Logan Coleman

Madison Coleman 

Olivia Conners

Callie Corte

Olivia Couchot

Natalie Crumpler

Christen Deason

Anna Reid Dove

Kaitlyn Estes

Emma Foley

Mary Frances Garner

Katie Georges

Lillie Harrington

Ashley Harris

Kirra Hawke

Isabel Holland

Francis James

Jamey Joseph

Mary Grace Lathem

Caroline Lawrence

Virginia Leak

Julia Marino

Ella McCary

Anne Jackson McClure

Alice McGowin

Breland McHenry

Morgan Mitchell

Lexie Motes

Curran Nicholas

Elizabeth Norris

Sarah Northcutt

Sarah Peyton Olive

Sarah Elizabeth Owens

Caroline Ozgun

Frances Patrick

Anna Penland

Kennedy Petit

Taylor Pierce

Blair Poirier

Ellie Polk

Olivia Portera

Paige Prettyman

Carson Rains

Lilly Riley

Walton Rogers

Lauren Roussell

Lillie Sauls

Julia Sbrissa

Sally Smalley

Caroline T Smith

Marne Smith

Lane Stark

Molly Sullivan

Faith Taylor

Stacy Lin Thompson

Carrie Walsh

Sutton Ward

Britt Whitstine

Maggie J Williams

MaryLocke Wise


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